e waste management

  • Toys make childhood colourful, but did you know they carry an environmental challenge?

    Toys play a crucial role in a child's life. Toys allow children to develop their imaginations, as well as their fine and gross motor skills. They also help them build interpersonal skills such as sharing and problem-solving. Toys are not just fun; they're essential tools for a child's growth and development.

  • What is a responsible way of disposing of e-waste?

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your old phone, TV, or computer when you get a new one? Well, they simply don't just disappear! Rather, they find a way into our neighbourhood dump yards and get mixed with other household waste. You may have seen in your neighbouring scrap yard that people are manually dismantling discarded electronic equipment or burning it. This unhealthy practice exposes them to hazardous substances.

  • Transforming E-Waste Management: The Role of Blockchain Technology

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of electronic waste management, the integration of innovative technologies has become paramount to address the challenges of accountability, transparency, and the prevention of illegal dumping. One such transformative technology gaining prominence is blockchain.

  • Role of AI in E-Waste Management

    We hear about exciting technologies like self-driving cars and facial recognition, but there’s more to AI than that. Our society has undergone a massive technological revolution over the past decade and electronic appliances have now become ubiquitous.

  • Transforming Trash: Karo Sambhav's Impact on E-Waste

    Karo Sambhav, meaning "Make it possible" in Hindi, is a groundbreaking startup that is determined to address India's colossal electronic waste problem. Every year, the country generates a staggering 3.2 million metric tons of discarded smartphones, laptops, monitors, and other electronics. While some e-waste undergoes recycling, the process is often unregulated and carried out in hazardous conditions.

  • Durable products, CSR interventions and responsible consumption can help reduce e-waste: Dr Shalini Sharma

    Vois Planet interviews Dr Shalini Sharma, Director, Krÿstähl about the COP 28 summit and e-waste management. She says that electronic waste in both cities and rural areas is increasing as people are struggling with disposing off their devices properly.

  • E-Gadget Heroes: Keeping Data Safe and Sound

    Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Let's talk about something super important in our digital lives – what happens when we say goodbye to our trusty gadgets. You know, the old smartphones, tablets, and laptops that have been with us through thick and thin. Turns out, there's more to it than just tossing them away. Did you ever think about your stuff stored on these devices? Like photos, messages, and all those bits and pieces of your life. Well, it's time to dive into the world of e-waste and data security, where keeping our info safe is the name of the game.

  • Julie Alice Chappell: Crafting Beautiful Art from E-Waste

    Hey there, young minds! Ready to dive into a cool adventure about art and recycling? Well, you're in for a treat because we're about to introduce you to an incredible artist named Julie Alice Chappell. Julie lives in Portsmouth, a nice place in the United Kingdom. Her canvas isn’t the traditional one you might expect. Instead, Julie brings old and boring stuff to life – the insides of our thrown-away gadgets. Her work is a mesmerizing blend of art, a love for the environment, and a deep appreciation for the beauty hidden within our everyday devices.

  • Digital Empowerment Foundation is equipping communities to repair old gadgets

    Hey there, tech explorers! Ever wondered about the gadgets that surround us? Imagine a world where you could talk to someone on the other side of the planet with a tap, play games that whisk you away to imaginary lands, and even learn new things while dancing with emojis! That is the world of electronic devices—the coolest companions in our digital adventure.

  • Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti Is Fighting for Kenya's Environment

    In the lush highlands of Nyeri County, Kenya, a seven-year-old girl planted her first tree in 2002, a small act that would sprout into a lifetime of environmental activism. That girl, Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti, now a 28-year-old award-winning climate hero, has since planted thousands of trees, and inspired a generation of young Kenyans to love and protect nature. This is her story.