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  • The Amazon clearing, and why we should be concerned about it.

    Stretching over 5.5 million km2 , covering most of the South American countries and holding treasure of biodiversity are the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest. It is the world’s richest and most varied hotspot of economically viable flora and fauna. It has always been a victim of extortion and exploitation, but lately it has gotten worse.

  • Even if we realize the zero-carbon target tomorrow, there is no going back and ‘Our present state will be NEW NORMAL’: Prof. K AchutaRao

    Mayank Mishra (Green Planet Portal) held a candid discussion with Prof. K AchutaRao, lead author of Chapter-3 titled, ‘Climate Information for Risk Assessment and Regional Adaptation’, in the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of Working Group 1 of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Prof. K AchutaRao candidly spoke on different dimensions of concern related to climate change, its impact, and the way ahead.

  • Know Your Carbon Footprint and Take Action NOW!

    It would be surprising for one to know how much impact one’s daily activities have on the environment and climate. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant they may seem, each choice one we make sets off a chain of events in motion.

  • India set to exceed emission cut targets, further reduction depends on climate fund

    From 2005-2016, over a period of eleven years, India’s carbon emissions fell by 24%. Now, India is only short of 9-11% emission cuts to reach its committed target in the Paris Agreement of 2015. Further, India has made huge advances in renewable energy sources and is confident in achieving 40% of its total energy demands from renewable sources by 2025.

  • Turtle Conservation Global Award Won by Indian Biologist

    Indian scholar Shailendra Singh has been awarded the Behler Turtle Conservation Award for bringing three fundamentally jeopardized turtle preservation species back from the edge of elimination.

  • Future of electric vehicles in the Indian market

    The current Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi as I am writing this article is touching the 200 mark which is considered to be under the severe category and poisonous to breathe in. This is not just the case in India but major nations are emitting carbons at a catastrophic rate. As per the World Air Quality Index Project Delhi’s air quality index (AQI) during November 1-15, is by far the worst at 312.