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  • Carbon-neutral villages: pathway to India's net-zero target

    Climate change is currently the most pressing issue for the planet. Global leaders will soon be discussing policies and new targets for lowering carbon emissions in the upcoming United Nations summit on climate change ‘COP26’, later this year in Glasgow. Last time it was after the Paris agreement that nations presented their target years for achieving ‘net-zero’ or carbon neutrality.

  • Local Community Participation goes a Long Way in Sustainable Climate Protection Approaches

    Local participation by people is crucial to attaining a sustainable environment and inculcating a sense of responsibility towards nature. Read along to know how you can do your bit for preserving the environment.

  • Hydrogen Chase to Achieve Net Zero

    After a series of recent announcements — countries including the US, EU, UK, India and Russia now have hydrogen strategies in the works, putting the gas at the radar of the global competition to reach net-zero emissions. Besides these nations, other major economies of the world had already announced their own initiatives towards hydrogen production.

  • Bengaluru Real estate developers face hurdles in getting environment clearance

    In Bengaluru it is mandatory by law to get environment clearance for large real estate development projects. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management Plan (EMP) are the governing bodies that are authorized to do it. But the builders in Bengaluru, are making their way out of this legal compulsion. In the procedure, detailed questions are required to answer some questions It becomes convenient for them to fleece through them. Since the officers conducting them are usually the same they end-up copying answers from one project to another, regardless of the location and biodiversity requirements.

  • Lancet Series Suggests to Implement Cheaper, Sustainable Cooling Strategies for Cities

    Lancet released a series on ‘heat and health’ recently which emphasized the rising temperature of the world and solutions to such questions to fight heat stress. It suggested using A/Cs to keep a flow of cool air indoors.