Amarnath lingam melts due to high-temperature weeks before the Yatra ends

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from across India visit Amarnath every year to capture a glimpse of the Shivling forms naturally from the ice in the Amarnath cave. But, about two weeks before Amarnath Yatra concludes the pilgrims are left disheartened as the lingam has already started melting due to the impacts of global warming as the climate experts suggest.


Amarnath Yatra usually continues for 45 days and the pilgrims take a trek for about 48 kilometres to witness the pious lingam which forms from ice and signifies the presence of Shiva in the holy cave. Global warming is currently thrashing Europe with sweltering heat, with citizens facing heat waves due to the highest temperature levels ever recorded. This has also been believed that the rise in the average temperature is the main reason behind this unusual melting of the lingam.

As per the available data the lingam’s average height was used about 20 feet In the 1990s which decreased to 18 feet in 2012. The average height significantly declined to 10 feet in 2020 and this year the lingam melted about 20 days before the last day of the yatra.