Climate Change: Indian Ocean gets hit by 6 heatwaves

Scientists studying climate have predicted that due to rising temperatures, intense sea events along the coastlines will be 100 folds more frequent.


The temperature of Indian Ocean has risen by around 0.15°C at the end of each decade. This could be concluded as one of the reasons that Bay of Bengal has faced six weather related events, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union minister of Science and Technology said in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. 

He informed that last year in 2021 in a mere a period of over 52 days, the Indian Ocean has witnessed around six marine heatwaves. “These heatwaves did not break all previous records but were above normal. The western Indian Ocean heatwaves in 2021 were in the top four years in terms of the number of events, Singh said.

Recently a similar report issued by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) raised the same concern. According to the report, around 66 Marine Heat Waves events occurred in western region of the Indian Ocean and around 94 events in the Bay of Bengal.