Eco-friendly flower show at Bangalore’s Lalbagh garden

The Horticulture Department and various NGOs are joining hands to make the Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh a zero-waste event. They are committed to reducing waste generation and promoting responsible practices during the event.


To achieve this goal, they plan to deploy triple the number of ground staff compared to previous years to ensure that visitors do not use single-use plastic bottles, garbage is properly discarded in litter bins, and the garden is left clean and tidy after the event. The event is scheduled to begin on August 4 and will last for 12 days.

To strictly enforce the zero-plastic and zero-littering rules, visitors' bags will be checked to ensure they do not carry single-use plastic items. Only steel bottles or reusable water bottles will be allowed at the event. Vendors will be required to have litter bins in front of their stalls, and those without them will be fined. Additionally, vendors will be charged Rs 100 per day to support clean-up drives conducted by the ground staff.

The involvement of not-for-profit organizations like Beautiful Bharat will aid in keeping the botanical garden litter-free during the flower show. They will work together with the BBMP's marshal team to take stringent action against people spitting in public during the event. This action is particularly important as experts have highlighted that many people in Karnataka suffer from multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis, and spitting in public areas can contribute to the spread of diseases.

The concerted efforts of the Horticulture Department, NGOs, and other stakeholders aim to make the Independence Day flower show a more environmentally friendly and responsible event, reducing its impact on the environment and promoting a cleaner and greener Bengaluru.