Egypt boosts climate change campaigns ahead of COP27

In an attempt to boost the preparations for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), Egypt has recently launched a series of climate change campaigns and initiatives. The campaigns are aimed to create awareness about several aspects of climate change and to evoke a sense of responsibility among the citizens.


The "Blue Lagoon" campaign was launched on  August 20 by the Central Administration for the Protection of Nature, a division of the Ministry of the Environment, which aims to raise awareness of the value of nature reserves and their role in protecting natural resources and biodiversity as well as the dangers of plastic bags on marine life. The support for the campaign from the natives and foreigners was witnessed as they participated in the garbage collection activity in the El Sahel administrative region.

Recently, on August 7, Egypt also introduced the “Green Lung” initiative which aims to double the green spaces, reduce carbon emissions and improve AQI levels. The government has planned to plant 100 million trees of various varieties, such as olives, woody trees, and ornamental trees, that will help in boosting the economy and improving the public health across the country. An awareness campaign was also started by the Ministry of Environment to educate citizens about the restoration of the environment and other climate change-related issues.