Germany, India come together for climate action targets

To support India achieve its climate action targets German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, has pledged 10 billion euros ($10.51 million) after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin on May, 2. However, these negotiations were overshadowed by India’s neutral position on the Ukraine war.


Addressing the media, Scholz stated that both countries share common goals of mitigating climate change and the role of cooperation between the democracies to decarbonize their economies.

Under the agreement, the countries are aiming to establish an Indo-German green hydrogen task force to build up mutual cooperation in the production, utilization, storage and distribution of Green Hydrogen through various projects. 

The agreements took under considerations the issues that ranged from technical assistance to enhance the use of renewable energy and hydrogen to combat greenhouse gas emissions, conserving biodiversity and ways to improve agriculture land use.

The policy director Christoph Bals said, “Accelerating the energy transition there is a vital contribution to staying within the 1.5 degree limit,” addressing to the warming threshold set in the Paris Climate agreement 2015.