IDSC urges inclusion of E-waste agenda in COP26

The UN Global E-waste Monitor 2020, named E-waste as the world's fastest growing domestic waste source, with 56.5 million generated in 2019, by 2030 it is predicted to reach 74Mt. Owing to its growing concern, the The International Data Sanitisation Consortium (IDSC) prompted COP26 President Alok Sharma for its inclusion.


The IDSC was established in 2017 in the UK, as a 'data sanitisation' organization. The UK is the second largest per capita producer of E-waste but has recently increased its efforts in controlling it. The inclusion in COP26 would make it a global effort and serious concerns will be raised.

In an open letter to the president of the COP26, given his position, his role is essential in ensuring that the UK leads in promoting greener and more sustainable ways of waste management. It is a critical issue that needs to be tackled. In today's technology-driven society it is a growing concern and will only increase if not looked into.

The UK is making an overall approach to both producers and consumers on the end-of-life attribute towards gadgets. Promoting more reuse, recycling and less disposal.