India plans phasing out of tube lights by 2030

To reduce the adverse effects of mercury and its aftereffects on the environment, India has planned to phase out the linear fluorescent tubes by 2030, a senior official from the Ministry of Environment said at Minamata Convention that is being held in Bali from March 21 to 25.


“As you can see from the official comment, India has not completely disagreed with the proposal. India did not obstruct discussions. We had sought the power ministry’s comments on the matter. They want to review it in 2025 and if it can be phased out before 2030,” one of the senior officials from the ministry said.

Piyush Mohapatra, senior programme coordinator, Toxics Link, said, “Tube lights contain mercury, and downstream there is no proper collection system or disposal system. Our fear is that tube lights are broken and disposed off in an unsafe manner. The e-waste rules have no provisions for extended producer responsibility for tube lights. India may not be agreeing to the 2025 timeline because tube lights are far more affordable than LED’s”.