Kolkata based firm to recycle 50,000-tonne e-waste by 2025

Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd emerging out to be one of the fastest-growing e-waste management companies is planning to recycle 50,000-tonne e-waste by the year 2025.


Currently, the company is having a collection network of e-waste to 23 cities in 13 states across the country and plans to increase its collection points across all states of India. The company is aiming towards managing the e-waste generated from electronic gadgets made out of metal, plastic, glass and a small percentage of hazardous chemicals.

Nandan Mall, Chairman and Managing Director, Hulladek Recycling shared the functionality of the company & said, “Hulladek provides proper collection and recycling of electronic waste. We provide door-to-door services for e-waste collection. The waste collected is transported to our partners across the country for safe disposal. All relevant documents and certificates are shared with clients once the waste is recycled”.