Temperature Growth in Asia Overestimated

A study published in Nature Communications indicates that the temperature projection done by World Climate Research Program's Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) are overestimating future temperature growth by between 3.4% and 11.6%.


A large portion of the world's population lives in Asia which makes it very important from the perspective of climate change as it will affect a lot of lives. The melting of Himalayan glaciers, changes in weather or precipitation and increase in temperature are concerning factors for the region. The new study shows that the increase in temperature and rainfall is going to be less severe than projected. The new study better predicts the intricate relationship between rising in temperature and precipitation. 

"The study improves the accuracy of forecasts of temperature and precipitation growth rates over Asia, enabling authorities to develop better revegetation schemes, shelterbelts, flood mitigation measures, and flood warning systems. In short, it helps us better prepare for the challenges global warming is likely to pose to Asia,"  says Professor Alistair Borthwick.