This Florist in Bangalore uses Eco-Friendly Wraps

In a recent article by Bangalore Mirror, it was reported that the BBMP fined 959 flower shops for using banned plastic to wrap Valentine's Day bouquets, amounting to ₹2.5 Lakh in fines. However, amidst this crackdown, IBBANI Flowers in Bellandur stands out for its eco-friendly practices.


Unlike other shops using Nonwoven Polypropylene (NWPP) for bouquet wrapping, IBBANI Flowers opts for sustainable alternatives like cloth ribbons, gift paper, jute wrappers, crepe papers, and glass bowls. Moreover, they encourage customers to bring their own containers for a ten percent discount, promoting waste reduction.

Despite initial customer hesitation due to slightly higher prices, IBBANI Flowers has persisted with eco-friendly practices for eight years. Customers now appreciate the environmental consciousness and find the bouquets more attractive, signaling a shift towards sustainability in flower purchasing habits.