Latest Updates

  • A new web app for e-waste management launched by NDMC

    On Sep 9 The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) launched an app for management of electronic waste. The web portal aims at facilitating the collection, mobilization, processing and discarding of e-waste. As a platform for exchange between buyers and vendors for electronic parts and appliances, the Commissioner of NDMC made a statement.

  • A new procedure developed to extract gold and other metals from printed circuit boards of discarded mobile phones

    Since the pandemic hit the world, conscious people and researchers have become more aware of the climate and urged to take steps to improve its condition. One such group of Indian students from the MVJ College of Engineering have come forward to aid in E-waste management.

  • 18 environmentalists chosen for UN for global climate change campaign

    The United Nations selected 18 young men and women, for their pioneering work in India by the United Nations for a climate campaign called ‘We The Change’. As part of the ongoing COP26 conference in Glasgow, these young people have been commemorated for their contribution towards the environment.

  • IIT Madras To Develop Online Marketplace eSource to Manage e-Waste

    IIT Madras is developing an online portal called ‘eSource’, which will serve as an online marketplace for e-waste. The portal will link various stakeholders in the formal and informal sectors (buyers and sellers). E-source will be an exchange platform for waste electrical and electronic equipment. The researchers who are working on the portal are aiming for a ‘circular economy’ and to address the gaps in the e-waste sector which is a pressing issue in India.

  • IIT Madras to Facilitate E-waste Through Online Marketplace

    IIT Madras will develop an E-commerce platform to manage E- waste, and keep the formal and informal sector connected through it. Named E-source, this platform will create a demand and supply chain between buyers and sellers of electronic products. The initiative has been taken by the Indo-German Sustainability Centre (IGSC).

  • BMC's Doorstep E-waste Collection Initiative

    The Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is going one step further in its e-waste management infrastructure. The already-in-place doorstep e-waste collection service is being extended to 57 more wards of the city.