Climate change is worsening 58% of infectious diseases worldwide

A new study published in the Nature journal reveals that 58% of infectious diseases experienced by humans worldwide are being worsened by the impacts of climate change. The team of researchers highlighted that climate change exacerbates human pathogenic diseases.


To study the impacts closely, researchers reviewed past decades of scientific research papers and assessed the impacts of ten climate change-induced disasters on pathogenic diseases. A total of 77,000 research studies were examined by scientists, and of those, 830 highlighted the impacts of climate hazards on human pathogenic diseases. Scientists found that out of 375 diseases encountered by humans, 218 are being worsened due to climate change hazards.

The research states that the natural disasters occurring due to the aggravating climate change such as floods, heatwaves, and droughts can exacerbate diseases like hepatitis, malaria, hantavirus etc. The researchers cited the consequences these diseases could have on humans and urged policymakers to curb carbon emissions.