Turning Trash into Treasure: The Eco-Soap Bank Story

During a 2014 volunteer trip building fishponds in rural Cambodia, University of Pittsburgh student Samir Lakhani witnessed a sight that would change his life: a young mother bathing her infant with toxic laundry detergent instead of soap. When he asked why, her response shook him - “Soap is too expensive.” Shocked to the core, Lakhani learned that only 1% of households in developing countries have access to basic hygiene products like soap. This lack of access contributes to the spread of preventable diseases and infections, causing the deaths of countless children. This encounter stirred something in Lakhani. He was determined to find a solution.

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Did you know?

  • To prevent warming beyond 1.5°C, we need to reduce emissions by 7.6% every year from this year to 2030. (EGR, 2019)
  • 2019 was the second hottest year on record in the last 140 years, just behind 2016, averaging 0.95 of a degree C above the normal (NOAA)
  • Earth naturally sequesters half the CO2 produced by human beings.
  • Highest concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere ever recorded in human history was in July 2021, 416 ppm.
  • On an average, global glaciers have thinned by 10 metres since 1980.
  • Only 57 countries (representing 60 percent of global emissions) are on track to meet their commitments by 2030.
  • Ocean absorbs 93% of the excess heat and 30% of the CO2 emissions produced from human activity. (IPCC, 2019)
  • Around 54% of greenhouse gas emissions come from just 3 of the biggest emitters, USA, China and Europe while the 100 least-emitting countries contribute less than 3%. (Climate Watch, 2020)
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Solar Cables: Powering India's Renewable Energy Ambition

India's ambitious renewable energy goals rely heavily on solar power. But it's not just the panels that matter. High-quality solar cables are the crucial lifelines that efficiently transport this clean energy throughout the system. Their performance directly impacts the success of India's green push.

The widespread adoption of advanced solar cables unlo... Read more

Photo Story

Recent flash floods across the towns and cities in the lap of Himalayan region brought forth destruction, devastation and disaster risks to the forefront. In this photo story we bring to you destruction at the school based on the manjhi river bank, vulnerability of poor household situated adjacent to river bank and reconstruction work post the flashflood in Bhagau Nag area of dharamshala.