The world’s biggest ice sheet is melting at a rapid rate

A new study published in the Nature Journal highlights that the earth’s biggest ice sheet, located in the east Antarctic is melting at a rapid rate faster than ever. The scientists revealed that the region has the majority of the planet’s glaciers and it was believed in the past that it wouldn’t be affected by the rising global temperature.


However, due to the escalating impacts of global warming, the ice sheet has melted significantly in the past decade and has posed some serious threats. The study highlights that the melting of the ice sheet in the eastern Antarctic region could raise the global sea level by 52 metres. Scientists reviewed the past decades’ temperature levels and observed the impacts they had on the polar region. The rise in the global sea level can have serious implications and could directly impact 1 billion lives globally, the study reveals. The scientists pointed out that if the Paris Agreement to limit warming below 2 degrees Celsius is fulfilled, the significant mass loss could be prevented.